Tips to Make Your Shirt Shrink to the Perfect Size

Have you ever gone thrift shopping and found a top that’s too divine not to buy? Whether it be vintage or a men’s t-shirt, chances are that it’s a little too large to rock without a tweak or two. Rather than tucking it into a pair of jeans or gathering and cropping it with a knot, you can shrink it to fit you perfectly in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to swimming in a shirt and say hello to a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly. Follow these easy steps so you can start wearing your favourites with anything!


Check the Fabric Content

Applying heat to the piece of clothing will help it reduce in size. Although all fabrics will contract one way or another, some do it faster than others. These include cotton, linen and satin, as they are natural fibres. Synthetics such as nylon and polyester are often tightly woven, so they constrict less. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make them smaller, it will just take a bit of extra effort. For delicate, vintage or printed fabrics, make sure you turn them inside out so you can minimise any damage done to the top.


How to Shrink a Shirt in Hot Water

A simple way to reduce the size of clothing is by submerging it in hot water. To achieve this, you’ll need the shirt you wish to shrink, water and a pot. Place the item of clothing in the bowl and then switch off the heat as soon as it reaches a boil. Be careful not to touch the liquid – you want the fabric to simmer, not your skin! Leave the heat to work its magic for five minutes and then remove the top to let it cool. Wring and dry the material and repeat until you have reached your desired size. It’s is an effective way to get your clothing to fit better, and it’s so easy to achieve!


How to Shrink a Shirt in a Washing Machine

You don’t always need a pot and boiling water to get your clothing to your preferred size – it’s just as easy using a washing machine. Set it to the hottest temperature and place the shirt inside. The heat of the water will have the same effect as the boiling water, but you can compete it while you’re out at work or sitting on the couch. If you wish, place it with other items you wish to shrink, but be sure that you wash it with similar colours and something that doesn’t easily bleed.


How to Shrink a Shirt in a Dryer

Make your clothes fit like a glove using a dryer. Once you’ve washed the shirt, preferably in a washing machine on a high temperature, place it in the tumble dryer. Be sure that it’s switched to a high heat setting, otherwise, it won’t have the required effect. For vintage and delicate pieces, you can use gentle settings for a softer dry. Who knew shrinking your clothes could be so easy?


How to Shrink a Shirt

  • Natural fibres will shrink easier than synthetic. Always check the label before starting.
  • Wash your shirt in hot water for maximum shrinkage.
  • Place the shirt in a tumble dryer for a higher chance of constricting in size.
  • Repeat the process until you’ve reached the size you prefer.



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